Research & Consultancy

Bristol York provides a range of analysis, research and consultancy services across the TMT sectors with focused, data-driven strategic research and consultancy. The firm is able to provide independent, objective and original analysis which is combined with accurate and original forecasts.

In addition to bespoke research, Bristol York publishes some of its research through publishing houses like Informa, ARCchart and Thomson Financial. Bristol York is also active in publishing thought leading articles and comment on TMT sectors.

Selected reports and articles:

Over-the-Top Communications: Threats & Opportunities for Mobile Operators

Mobile Coupons: Market Analysis and Forecasts

The great patent battle - Nasty legal spats between tech giants may be here to stay

Smartphone Patents and Intellectual Property Rights

Mobile Patents and Intellectual Property Rights

The LTE Business Case: Operator & Vendor Strategies

Mobile User Generated Content & Web 2.0


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